Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eating Animals

I have decided that it is out of sheer laziness and an unwillingness to seriously consider the implications for action of my beliefs that I have never made a commitment to go completely vegetarian before. I know the arguments made on both sides inside and out, and for me this decision is based on (1) the horribly unethical treatment of animals in feed lots and cage farms around the country, (2) the devastating environmental impacts of said lots/farms, and (3) the fact that so much agricultural land that could be used to grow food crops is used for animal feed (meaning far less food production per acre of agricultural land). As someone who puts spiders outside rather than kill them and who worries about the environment and the underfed global poor, I cannot justify playing a part in the system of animal consumption as it stands in this country. It is unacceptable for me to eat meat simply because it is more convenient. So, I am making a commitment right now to try to bring my actions in line with my beliefs. I hope if you are reading this note, you will offer me support, encouragement, and any resources you may have to make this transition easier. Thank you, friends!

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