Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swiss Chard

Did you know that Swiss chard is a member of the beet family?  I'm growing it, and I didn't know that!  My husband learned this from a crossword puzzle this week and shared with me.  Another thing I didn't know about Swiss chard when I started growing it... how to cook it.

I've been procrastinating harvesting the chard because I wasn't sure what to cook with it.  But it was getting pretty out of control, so I finally decided to take some in last night.  I found a recipe with great reviews on that called for baking it with feta cheese.  It was an easy recipe, but I have to admit, the result was not my favorite.  I don't know if it was the recipe or the chard, but it came out very bitter.  I had heard that chard is milder than spinach, but this was definitely not!  I want so badly to like Swiss chard because it's such a pretty, hardy garden plant.  I will definitely give it another try with a different recipe.  Meredith's suggestion from last week looks good!  Any additional suggestions?

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Amy said...

I didn't think I liked chard but this recipe is amazing!

Corn tortillas are a must though, just not as good with flour.

roysfarm said...

It's just wonderful! Love it.