Friday, November 20, 2009

What Do You Think?

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So, the Ethivore blog has been up for a couple months now.  I just want to check in with you, the readers, and get some feedback.  Which posts have been your favorite?  What types of posts do you find most valuable or interesting?  Do like overviews of food issues?  How-to posts?  Personal stories?  News items? Reviews?  Recipes?  Help me make Ethivore even better- leave your comments and suggestions below.

Thank you!


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Lynn said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog, and it's great.....looking for things about the World Summit on Food Security for a paper I'm submitting for publication - "Food Rights and Climate Change" for FOOD & FOODWAYS. Liked your comment on it, and also the link to the parallel NGO summit.

Also, I became a vegan (for most part) back in 1990 when I found out about global warming, but went off track when we moved to Texas in 2002 -- my husband, a fish-eater, got me eating fish & occasionally other meats. But last week again I turned to a vegan diet (on which I really feel healthier), and I do need a support group (up in IL I had a food co-op for support).

So, this blog is great....

Megan said...

Thanks for your comments, Lynn! I'd be interested in reading the article you're writing.

Congrats on going vegan again. I haven't tried a strict vegan diet, but I know that just cutting meat and processed foods has made me feel so much more healthy and energetic!

Thanks for reading my blog, and feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions any time!

Meredith said...

I think my favorite posts have been the ones that include recipes and how being an "ethivore" affects your daily life. I tend to skip over posts about policy just because they tend to be longer. (Being in newspapers, you would think I would know better!) I really enjoy your blog, though, and have learned a lot from it already. I guess one thing I'd like to know more about is how you can be an ethivore and still afford to buy groceries. That's one of the biggest obstacles I face. How much do you usually spend on food every week, and what are your budget tips?

Meredith said...
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